Winter is the time for comfort, good food and warmth. Keeping loved ones warm in Winter, comfortable and safe is absolutely necessary. The elderly feel sensitive to cold temperature from general ageing, health conditions and medication side effects. As you get older, it becomes harder for your body to control its temperature.

Thinning skin make it difficult to conserve heat, natural decrease in metabolic rate and slower circulation can make it difficult to retain heat throughout the body.

Tips for keeping warm-

Set thermostats no lower than 68- 70 degrees.

Use a hot water bottle.

Dress for the weather, wear plenty of warm layers rather than one thick one. Scarves, hats and gloves are essential when going outside in the cold! Put bed socks and slippers on and use a blanket over legs.

Good nutritious meals are extremely important, eat regularly and stay hydrated, drink warm non alcoholic beverages to fuel the body.

Shut windows and doors to keep the heat in. Seal gaps and cracks as best you can.

Make sure the floor is covered and insulated. A rug is a quick and easy way to keep a space a bit warmer.

Use draught excluders where possible.