Personalisation Agenda

26 Jun

In 2007 The Government published “Putting People First”, A shared vision and commitment to finding new ways to improve social care in England. This paper outlined the Governments vision of enabling individuals to live independently and have complete choice and control in their lives.

Personalisation, often referred to as the complete transformation of adult social care, also means making universal services such as transport, housing and education accessible to all citizens.

Personalisation is about putting individuals firmly in the driving seat of building a system of care and support that is designed with their full involvement and tailored to meet their own unique needs.

This is a completely different approach to an historic “one size fits all” system of individuals having to access, and fit into, care and support services that already exist which have been designed and commissioned on their behalf by Local Authorities for example.

Indivduals will receive their own budget and can decide how, who with and where they wish to spend that budget in order to meet their needs and achieve their desired outcomes.

At Farrell Healthcare we believe in enabling choice at every stage in the care we provide from our initial holistic assessment to help with budgetary planning: we aim to help embed the personalisation agenda into the health and social care services we deliver.